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Beyond Vegetable Oils: Omega-6 Linoleic Acid In Our Food System

Dr. Anthony Gustin

1. Question:

Chicken is high in linoleic acid (LA), but what about eggs?


Eggs can still be quite high in LA, however they have hydrolysates in them that block the oxidation of the linoleic acid. Get corn free soy free and don’t worry about it. 

2. Question:

Is there specific lab work that measures "free" linoleic acid LA in the body? Or any workups we can request from our PCP to get a sense of where we're at?



Yes, OmegaQuant. 



3. Question:

Are fats when they are solid at cool room temp safe (e.g. if we have lard that is hard).



No, lard is solid at room temp and still has super high amounts of linoleic acid. 


4. Question:

What are the three restaurants without PUFAs (polyunsaturated fats)?



Dai Due in Austin is the best :) All Time in LA is also great. 


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