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How Seed Oil Consumption Turns Body Fat into a Toxin-Generating Machine

Dr. Catherine Shanahan, MD

1. Question:

Is air frying a healthier, acceptable alternative to cooking in PUFA oils?



Yes. Anything that gets you away from seed oils is healthier than using seed oils. Baking crisps things nicely too, and so does pan-frying in a better oil or fat. 


2. Question:
If seed oils are bad for PUFAs, this is a paradigm shift for proponents of single cell oil production. Are you referring to Omega-6 being bad or even Omega- 3 also bad?



Yes. Exactly. Too much of both is bad.



3. Question:

Where can I find physicians who recognize these ideas and will incorporate them into my health care?



You could start by looking for low-carb doctors, even though they won’t really understand PUFA is dietary enemy number one (they tend to focus on carbs) at least they know saturated fat is not bad.


4. Question:

Are there any studies around kitchen cooks that are around deep-frying/cooking oils on a daily basis?



Yes. These studies have found a higher incidence of lung cancer. Nina Teicholz may have references at her fingertips. 


Here’s one: "The high incidence of lung cancer among Chinese females, despite a low smoking prevalence, remains poorly explained.


Cooking fume exposure during frying could be an important risk factor… Cumulative exposure to cooking by means of any form of frying could increase the risk of lung cancer in Hong Kong nonsmoking women.


Practical means to reduce exposures to cooking fumes should be given top priority in future research."




5. Question:

I am starting law school in the fall and am incredibly interested in this side of food/agriculture law. I was wondering if you might know of any nonprofits/legal organizations that are involved in exploring the legal side of this issue.



I do not know of any such nonprofit. It’s really an unknown issue finally just starting to emerge from the shadows.


6. Question:

How long do you think it will take for acne to significantly improve after stopping all PUFA oils and following your suggestions for more vegetables, less fruit, etc.?


My acne has gotten better but still persists. Have you noticed this in other patients? 



Usually at 6 months people start telling me they feel amazing, and your physiology should keep improving for a few years until the PUFAs in your body fat are down to reasonable levels.


7. Question:

How can I reverse excessive PUFAs stored in my body? I’ve been keto/carnivore for 4 years, saw decent weight loss in the first 8 months, but have been stalled for years.


Anything I can eat or do? I’ve already cut seed oils out of my diet. Thank you!



Well there’s a lot of possibilities behind the stall. I wrote FATBURN Fix so folks didn’t have to consult with me to do the troubleshooting themselves.


8. Question:

For those who already have a lot of stored PUFA in their cells and are overweight, are there specific interventions or supplements (for ex: activating antioxidant pathways) we can use to allow our mitochondria to safely burn the PUFA? Is vitamin E one of the best options?



There’s a lot that goes into restoring your body’s antioxidant enzyme systems, and getting natural  vitamin E is an important part of it, yes.


9. Question:

What do we snack on when we are hangry?



I like to remind folks that there is no such thing as a healthy snack. So a better strategy is to build meals that prevent hangry. 


10. Question:

To what degree are roasted nuts and seeds, which can be rich in PUFAs, prone to  the issues discussed for vegetable oils?



To a lesser extent. If I had to spit out a percentage I’d say the magnitude of the problem is 5%. 


11. Question:

Do we understand if body fat is FIFO (first in first out), LIFO (last in first out), or random?



Neither. There’s a preference to release the fatty acid at the SN2 position, and those are more likely to be PUFA or MUFA.



12. Question:

Are refined coconut oils safe to cook with?



Yes, they’re ok but not great. Please visit and favorite for answers to all your seed oil questions! 

13. Question:
I usually make decisions about which fats I will eat based on your website. However, today I heard both peanut oil and sesame oil classed with seed oils.


Do you disagree with that? Or have more to say on that? Perhaps you need to update your list of Good Fats & Oils v. Bad? 



Yes there is a lot of confusion over peanuts. I have answered that question here.

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