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“Feed The Masses” With Vegetable Oil -

Results From Harvard’s 70-Year Public Health Experiment On (Almost) The Entire Population

Dr. Catherine Shanahan, MD

1. Question:

This was *incredible.* I am squarely a Millennial (1988), and a marketer so I don't really believe anyone — thank you, X-Files!


But I was stunned by your presentation and the 'follow-the-money' logic that unfortunately two trusted institutions abide by/participate in so insidiously as well! But okay,


My question for you is regarding your last point: "and stop eating vegetable oils." If you only had one minute to convince a fellow Millennial to stop doing this — what would you say they could or should use as an alternative to cook with?


To make dressings with? To stock in their pantry, etc etc. 


Bonus question (if you have time) of a more psychological ilk: how do you keep yourself from getting overwhelmed by these facts about toxic seed oils?


Thank you for the compliment! I have a long and detailed page on my website that answers all those questions.



2. Question:

Can you provide the five lifestyles of Millennials at the end? The presentation seemed to freeze and there was no audio during that portion. Thank you!


Here’s a link to the article that Cate talked about in her presentation.



3. Question:

Besides eating barbecue food when you are going out to dine, what is your advice on how one can avoid consuming seed oils in their diet especially when traveling with family?



It’s a big problem and could be a lecture in itself. I’m putting a course together actually with a segment on that. For now, some tips:


Soups minimize seed oil exposure, especially traditional soups like pho, tom kha gai, and chicken broth-based soups, and asking for your protein dish to be cooked in butter helps.

4. Question:

The correlation graphs do not show added sugars over time which, until the last few years, followed the seed oil and DM curves.


It would be good to address this as it is one of the things many people point to as a cause of Metabolic Syndrome instead of seed oil.



Carbs include added sugars in the graphs. But many people don’t realize that so yes, I need to remember to point that out every time and this time I didn’t.



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