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Speaker Q&A


Adulteration In The Edible Oil Industry

Dr. Selina Wang, PhD

(Dr. Selina Wang received multiple questions similar to this, which were all answered by the below.)

1. Question:

Why don't you provide the name brands of the avocado oils that didn't have any avocado oil in them?


The purpose of the study we did on avocado oil was to demonstrate a need to develop standards for avocado oil to ensure consumers receive quality and authentic products they choose to purchase based on the labels.


Standards are also needed to establish a level playing field for genuine producers to support the continuing growth of the avocado oil industry.   


Our published paper provides detailed information on how samples were collected and analyzed, as well as the criteria used in determining whether samples were oxidized or adulterated.


It is not necessary to release the names of the failed brands for the public to understand how the brands were evaluated. 

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