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How Much Worse Is Cooked Vegetable Oil Than Uncooked?

Raphael Sirtoli, Tucker D. Goodrich, Dr. Catherine Shanahan, MD

1. Question:

Would you summarize this as saying: Excess sugars cause hyperinsulinemia, while seed oils cause insulin resistance?


Dr. Catherine Shanahan:

Good question, but the answer is no because hyperinsulinemia implies that you always have high insulin levels in your bloodstream, which you do not get without seed oils causing insulin resistance.


Raphael Sirtoli:

Excess sugar or flour, and even unrefined carbohydrates like potatoes and fruit to a lesser extent, can cause hyperinsulinemia. Given enough time, hyperinsulinemia leads to “insulin-induced insulin resistance”.


Seed oils don’t start off by making you (pathologically) insulin resistant: at first, they keep your fat cells insulin sensitive, allowing them to take up more energy and expand.


Then, once they’ve expanded so much that they start reaching their limit, they start to become insulin resistant (and leak fats inappropriately).


Dr. Catherine Shanahan:
Yeah I know that folks say that but I don’t think it's accurate. Insulin does not induce insulin resistance. Sugar/carbs cause insulin elevation temporarily for a purpose.


The purpose is to get the sugar out of the bloodstream. And in the absence of seed oils (and the induced insulin resistance) the insulin elevation is short lived.


Tucker D. Goodrich:

Hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance are two sides of a coin. Seed oils can directly induce insulin resistance in animals and humans.


The standard model for inducing insulin resistance is to inject soybean oil. Long-term exposure to carbohydrates without seed oils does not induce insulin resistance in humans.


2. Question:

Has Zero Acre Farms oil been tested long-term in any dietary trials on humans?



More information on Zero Acre Farms’ products and processes will be released in the coming months.


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